Epic has just release one of the most feature filled update to ever. there are way more than 40 update that have made their way to …



  1. Hello everyone ! me and some colleaugues are starting the 3d scanning of a looot of the Italian heritage (like statues and so on) to make disponible 3d models identical to the original for games movies an so on, do you think that somebody will be interested?

  2. Hi hope you can help me. I have 4.22.3 using a Mac book pro I have downloaded the updated version 4.23 but it doesn't seem to provide with a launch it reverts to 4.22.3 any ideas how to get the new 4.23 to work

  3. Runtime Virtual Textures have potential to be a very big thing.
    You can bake material runtime into virtual texture and re-use the baked version for duration it is within VT.
    Similar to flatten layers operation in photoshop.

    Games like FarCry 4 etc have used similar method for terrain rendering and combining huge amounts of decals to single texture to increase performance.

  4. niagara is extremly difficult and less intuitive, integration with chaos has to be something unhandleable for most of users. UE4 is becoming more and more user unfriendly

  5. Loving this update. Cannot wait to get some time to play with Chaos… haven't seen any tutorials on it yet though …. if anyone has any links please share.

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