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FlippedNormals : How to Improve Your Face Sculpting in ZBrush – Real time Sculpting

Introduction to Sculpting

In this sculpting ZBrush video tutorial, we’ll cover how you can improve your face sculpting using quick and easy techniques. Learn about face proportions, how to make clean shapes, facial anatomy and adding character to your sculpts.

03:30- Proportion
09.55 – Clean surface
13:38 – Facial Anatomy
47:06 – Adding character

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  1. As for me the biggest problem with face sculpts was that I couldn't feel the volumes, so there're 2 advices if you have the same issue:
    1. sculpt brutal/old men or humanoid creatures (thus the face isn't plane)
    2. do lots of small practices like 2hours each.
    This helped me

  2. Massively helpful video – thank you all for what you do – also I just purchased your sculpting tutorial that’s linked. Looks like I have weekend plans now! 🤭

  3. selger dere referanse-modellen noe sted? Hadde vært nice å sette opp samme oppsettet som dere og skulpte mens jeg ser hele videoen. På tide å levle opp hode-gamet mitt.

  4. Very interesting and informative with constant tips that reinforce the tutorials learning. A video on expressions would be a nice and helpful theme.

  5. As there are lots of tutorials that are floating on YouTube to attract views and ultimately make money, I suggest viewers ALWAYS verify the info in the vid. Lots of basic anatomy mistakes was made in this one (zygomatic bone vs ear position, construction of the nose, the angle of the mouth's corner,…) show that this guy know how to use the tool (Zbrush) but terrible at anatomy (check the skull structure and you will understand what I mean). So let this be one of the example to never trust what others said and always fact check because the most important thing that professionals-turn-into-freelance have in their mind is making quick and fast money to pay their monthly bills (only some of them do care about their students)

  6. the reference face looks a lot like J.K. Simmons…. the second one kind of looks like if he was in a horrible fire accident and lost his face and got a reconstructed nose.

  7. I'd love to see a video explaining skin detailing. Where are what kind of pores, what direction etc. You could show of some of the awsome skin alphas on the marketplace and how/where to use them.
    Maybe even develope this exact head to that stage.

  8. can you tell me,

    how to create character inside mouth,

    should i sculpt it or do that in retopo. my character is in relax pose with closed mouth,

    i want to animate mouth opening so, i want inside mouth what should i do now. if possible make a video on it.

  9. Awesome video! Although to point out in the description where it says "09.55 – Clean surface" can't be selected because it includes a period instead of a colon.

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